Design occupancy levels

— Levels 2—11: 1 person per 10 sq m of Net Internal Area.
— Level 1: 1 person per 7 sq m of Net Internal Area.

Means of escape

— All floors: 1 person per 6 sq m of Net Internal Area.

Structural grid

— Structural grid: Generally 9m x 12m
(Office depth varies between 10.0—14.5m).
— Planning grid: 1.5m.

Floor to ceiling heights

— Floors 2—11: 2.75m.
— Floor 1: 3.00m.

Raised floor

— Floors 2—11: 180mm notional overall.
— Floor 1: 300mm notional overall.

Floor loadings

— Office areas: 3.5kN/sq m +1kN/sq m partitions.

Allowance for on floor storage:
7.5kN/sq m over 5% of the floor area.

Mechanical services

4-pipe fan coil air conditioning system to provide cooling loads as follows:

— Lighting 12W/sq m.
— Office equipment 25W/sq m.

Enhanced cooling load allowance at level 1 of 60W/sq m (giving a total of 85W/sq m).
A dedicated resilient cooling system will be available on request for critical tenant
IT equipment.

Tenant Facilities

— Provision for two dedicated kitchen extract systems (one able to serve any office floor, the other level 11 only).
— Extract ventilation, water and drainage facilities for on floor tea stations (two per floor).

Electrical services

— Lighting: 12 W/sq m.
— Office equipment: 25 W/sq m + 5W/sq m spot load allowance.
— Enhanced office equipment power allowance at level 1 of 60W/sq m (giving a total of 85W/sq m).

Additional infrastructure capacity provided to support up to two Secondary Equipment Room loads per floor of 10kW per floor.
One Main Equipment Room load of 855kW is available.

Office lighting

— 400 lux average maintained illuminance at the working plane.

Standby power provision

— Separate landlord standby generator for life safety systems.
— Two 2 MVA tenants’ standby generators are provided as part of the base building specification.
— Basement space available to accommodate tenant UPS.

Vertical transportation

A group of 8 No 21 person passenger lifts operating at 2.5m/s serve the office levels. (One of the passenger lifts additionally operates as a firefighting lift.) The office passenger lifts will use a Destination Hall Call control system for optimum efficiency. The system will be fully integrated with security access gates at ground floor level. The lift performances are based on the Design Occupancy levels less 15% absenteeism. A dedicated 8 person 630kg fire fighting lift, operating at 1.6m/s is also provided.

A 2,500kg goods lift serves all office floors of the office building, including the two basement levels. A vehicle lift is provided from street level to the car park in the lower basement.

Parking provision

— 10 car parking spaces.
— 18 motorcycle spaces.
— 300 bicycle racks.

Associated shower and locker facilities provided.

Satellite system

Satellite television facilities will be available for office users.

Security / CCTV systems

A landlord area security and access control system will be provided. All key entry and egress points to the building will be CCTV monitored.


Land Securities believes in acting responsibly when it comes to the environment.  Our Environmental Management System, which is certified to ISO 14001, allows us to effectively manage the environmental impacts associated with the development and management of our properties whilst demonstrating commitment to make continuous improvements.

Our aim is to create buildings that are resource efficient and less polluting using the principles of sustainable design. The following has been incorporated into the design of 62 Buckingham Gate to reduce its overall impact on the environment:

— Assessed under BREEAM with a rating ‘Excellent’ (Offices)
—  Use of Combined Cooling and Heating Power, Ground Source Heat Pumps and Photovoltaics
— Installation of solar-control glazing and daylight sensing lighting controls
— Use of rainwater harvesting and low flow water fixtures and fittings
— Sustainable transport options including on-site bicycle storage facilities
— Use of 100% sustainable timber with the aim for full FSC Project-Certification
— Installation of a ‘living’ wall, green roof and other biodiversity features (i.e. bird & bat boxes)
— Facilities for future connection to a district heating network
— Further details can be provided upon request.